Mastermind Psilo Euphoria Microdose (15)


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microdosing shrooms

microdosing shrooms Mastermind Psilo give you a micro-dose of Magic Mushrooms in an easy-to-swallow form. Simply taking one of these can give the user unless energy, enhance cognitive creativity and mental sharpness. Some users may even prefer to take them a few times a week.

Each Mastermind Psilo Microdose comes with 15 gel caps, made for discreetness and convenience. Simply select your micro dose and utilize the productivity hack.

Optimize cognitive benefits, such as enhanced problem solving and increase social benefits

Euphoria Microdose

150mg Psilocybin

25mg Ashwagandha

25mg Horny Goat Weed


The author of a psychedelic book, Dr. James Fadiman in his book ‘Psychedelic Exokplorer’s Guide’ prescribed taking a micro-dose of psychedelic drug two times a week, which seems okay. Which means you use a micro-dose today (day1), you abstain from using it the following day and the day after. That means is that you deliberately avoid the use of micro-dose two days consequently between the first day and the next day of use (you use it on day 1, you neglect the use of day 2 and day 3 you resume the use.

However, taking note of the effects of the drugs daily will help to notice the effects, potency the drug posses and the duration in which it will exert its effects. Also, there is a need for the continued use of the drug twice a week for several weeks and it is important to keep record of the ‘in-the-moment, short term, and long-term effects. Mood swings, energy levels, and also the social behaviour of the person must be recorded.

It is important to follow your day to day activities during the period of micro-dosing. Adding a micro-dose to your daily routine it is significant because it helps to enhance your daily life. It is of high importance that you don’t check the day to day activities you get yourself involved in.




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